Skender pioneered a much needed new approach to construction with its vertical integration and lean project methods. In doing so, they required differentiation from the stereotypical concept of construction and architectural design. I led this through aggressive marketing and video content—starting with a huge brand awareness campaign, contributing to the rebrand of the company within the first three months as well as leading creative content, social media, and video production initiatives and strategy.


Creative Content Direction

Video Production


2017 – 2020


Increase in YouTube Subscribers
Videos Created
Increase in Website Visitors
Increase in Social Media Referrals

ConTech Logo Construction Technology
Logo Creation
Construction had always been ripe for innovation and Skender was a heavy used of technology in their process. To help associate the company with innovative technologies, I created the Skender Construction Technology logo with influences of a digital look.

Creative Direction / Graphic Design
Manufacturing Logo Skender Manufacturing
Logo Creation
Part of the rebrand of the company and logo was due in part by the new venture of vertical integration with architectural design and advanced manufacturing. This eventually would split off from the core of Skender under Skender Manufacturing. Wanting to keep some association with the Skender mothership, we wanted to keep a loose association by show differentiation.

Creative Direction / Graphic Design
Logo Rebrand Logo Rebrand
After 60 years of premier construction, Skender was due for a brand update. Working with a Chicago-based design firm, the new logo incorporated a modern outlook from both a branding perspective and a company initiative into more vertical integration with design and manufacturing.

Creative Direction / Motion Graphics

Video Production

Premier Building Experience
Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

ConTech Hype Video
Wrote / Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

Fleet Fields – Lincoln Yards
Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

Skender Highlights 2019
Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

Skender Manufacturing Teaser
Directed / Filmed / Edited

Employee Highlight Vol. 1
Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

Vertical Integration
Wrote / Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited

Helicopter Pick
Directed / Filmed / Animated / Edited


Future Built was a first of its kind — a podcast with industry innovators dedicated solely to the advancements, processes, and happenings in the construction and architecture design industry. I led the team that produced the podcast, designed the branding of Future Built from logo to messaging, and made several promotional video spots to increase listeners.

listeners in just 6 months

Future Built – A Podcast With Industry Innovators

Future Built Vol. 10 – Safe, Secure and Part of a Community


Ghostwritten Article Ghostwritten Article A major keystone tactic for Skender was showcasing strong thought leadership, especially in industry publications. I wrote and created the video content for this multimedia Interior Investments article showing the potential of manufacturing as well as the future of healthcare construction and design.

Concept / Copywriter / Video
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College Recruiting Ad College Recruiting Ad Needing to focus on recruiting Project Coordinators and Project Engineers out of college, I led an initiative to supplement Skender’s efforts through this ad that was featured through digital advertising as well as a print ad in college career fair brochures. We heavily focused the ad on copy that highly targeted the college demographic in what they were looking for in a company–engaging culture, career growth and work-life balance.

Concept / Creative Direction / Copywriting
Thought Leadership Events Thought Leadership Events A major tactic for Skender was to show immense thought leadership in the industry. With that, they focused a lot of effort in finding speaking events for senior leadership to attend and share their ideologies and processes. The creative to promote these events on social media and digital ads needed to be cohesively branded as well as convey enough information about the event while still focusing on Skender’s though leadership. I led the creative direction and strategy of these as well as writing the copy for the descriptions.

Concept / Copywriter / Creative Direction
Social Media Content Social Media Content Such a huge part of the company culture of Skender is their projects and their people to the point where they use is as a differentiator in their marketing and advertising. They’re very congnicent of creating a work-life balance and day-to-day operations of meaningful experiences. Social media is a large contributor to display and promote this ideology.

Creative Direction / Concept / Graphic Design

Print & Proposals

While always looking for the most innovative tools to use, Skender implemented a better project management software into their workflow. To help build excitement and awareness of the implementation in order to ease the transition to the new software, I created a tongue-in-cheek campaign of propaganda posters that were distributed throughout the company via internal communication channels.


Hermes Platinum Creative Award

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Hermes Gold Creative Award

Public Relations Video