Rise Buildings

Chicago had become a hotbed of innovation since the early 2000’s with tech start-ups and driven entrepreneurs. Rise Buildings added their name with its modern property technology platform.

Claiming their stake in the expanding skyline of Chicago, across the nation and around the world, I led the company’s creative direction and digital marketing efforts, initiated the categorization of their property technology offerings and solutions, managed an aggressive brand awareness strategy led by resonating content marketing, and directed and designed all creative assets and materials, including an entire rebrand of their website.

Due to their product-focused approach providing the best real estate tech solutions mixed with the aggressive marketing and creative campaigns, I helped lead Rise Buildings to a $100 million dollar acquisition by global commercial real estate CRM platform VTS.


Creative Director

Digital Marketing Manager


2018 – 2021


Acquisition by

Branding & Strategy

Smooth Blue

Heroic Red

Midnight Black

Slate Grey

Asphalt Grey

Cement Grey

Crisp Grey

Though a local Chicago creative agency designed the Rise Buildings logo, I picked up where they off and further fleshed out the branding, starting with a focus on brand purpose and organization.

Working closely with the chief executives, I led the categorization of our offerings as solutions under specific pillars, having identified our key audiences and established a strong product. From there, I directed a holistic approach to messaging the would better inspire action focusing first on why we do what we do, then how we achieve it, and culminating to what it is.

Brand Purpose & Approach

I directed and created Rise Buildings’ brand purpose messaging that inspires action, focusing on why we do what we do, how we achieve it, and finishing with what it is. This was used not just as the base for their marketing efforts, but as an approach throughout the company from product to client success, sales and beyond.

We believe in being exhilarated
by where you live and work

Connect and engage
with the most efficient
property technology solutions

Rise buildings’ seamless access,
captivating user experience,
robust operations tools,
and advanced capabilities
all in one native platform

Baseline App

Though white label branded apps were available for properties, the two Rise Buildings baseline apps needed a refresh. Using the solution structure I created and the updated branding, I worked with the product team better design the baseline app layout as well as designed a new and more modern app icon that separated the two baseline apps of Rise Living and Rise Office.

Case Studies

Showcasing Rise Buildings’ success through visual case studies was the leading cause of increased sales and recognition. Identifying highly targeted clients and topics, I createdvarious visual, infographic-style case studies used on the site, social channels and public relations materials.

Website Design

With the core solutions and brand purpose messaging established, I developed and executed a strong content creation initiative, starting with a complete overhaul of Rise Buildings’ website—one that better aligned with the new company purpose. I designed the site from masthead to blog posts and everything in-between, ensuring a smooth flow that resonated their story of why they do what they do.

Showcasing one of our strongest differentiators was crucial—Rise Buildings had tangible products and solutions, not just conceptual vaporware, constantly bettering them by intently listening to our clients needs vs guessing at what clients want and selling the idea. I wanted this to live throughout our content, so I kept to photography and physical mock ups as much as possible to showed these products and solutions in action.

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Immediately emphasized the company purpose – why Rise Buildings exists and what they believe in.
Detailing more of how and what it is Rise Buildings offers and what you get when working with them.
Featured key products and solutions in a revolving slider showing a more tangible side of their offerings.
Hover accordion menus that categorized their four key “pillars” of what they offered and the specific solutions they provide within each.
Regularly posting a way to request a demo on every page of the site as an integral call to action.