Chicago had become a hotbed of innovation since the early 2000s. Rise Buildings added its name with its modern property technology platform. I led their creative direction and digital marketing initiated the categorization of their property technology offerings and solutions and directed/designed all creative assets and materials, including an entire rebrand of their website.


Creative Director

Digital Marketing Manager


2018 – 2021


Acquisition by VTS

Due to their product-focused approach alongside aggressive marketing and creative campaigns, I assisted in Rise Buildings attaining a $100 million dollar acquisition by global commercial real estate CRM platform VTS.

Branding & Strategy

I further expanded their branding from just a logo, focusing on brand purpose and organization. Working closely with the c-suite, I led the categorization of our offerings as solutions under specific pillars, having identified our key audiences. I directed a holistic message that inspired action focusing first on why we do what we do, then how we achieve it, and culminating in what it is.

Brand Purpose

We believe in being exhilarated by where you live and work

Connect and engage with the most efficient property technology solutions

Rise buildings’ seamless access, robust operations tools, captivating user experience, and advanced capabilities all in one native platform

Paid Social

Leading the digital marketing as well, we utilized highly targeted paid social posts that drove audiences to the site and informed them on the company solutions, resulting in considerable growth on their social media channels in engagement, followers, and site referrals.

Baseline App

Design and UX

Case Studies

Email Campaigns

Sales Materials

Website Design

Immediately emphasized the company purpose – why Rise Buildings exists and what they believe in.
Detailing more of how and what it is Rise Buildings offers and what you get when working with them.
Featured key products and solutions in a revolving slider showing a more tangible side of their offerings.
Hover accordion menus that categorized their four key “pillars” of what they offered and the specific solutions they provide within each.
Regularly posting a way to request a demo on every page of the site as an integral call to action.