An innovative browser-based puzzle game on the GrubHub platform to solve a business challenge for the online ordering giant.


Where's my food?

GrubHub’s unwavering dedication to great customer experience led to its early success. But when hangry diners bombarded their customer service desperately seeking order updates, GrubHub started dishing out $5 discounts as a patch fix. It did the trick, but the executive team knew they needed a game-changer to make the wait more enjoyable and cut down on those discount handouts caused by unhappy customers.


Design thinking outside the norm

Different teams sprang into action. The Technology department took the lead in creating the much-anticipated “track your order” feature that has become a staple among delivery services today. The Customer Service department reached out to restaurants for more accurate wait times. Meanwhile, the Creative team came up with something truly innovative.

Our idea was to keep diners entertained on the GrubHub platform while they waited by playing bespoke, captivating video games. The inspiration came from the huge success of the mobile gaming industry, specifically the game Angry Birds.

We knew we needed to add the eccentric GrubHub brand as well as a better pay-off than simply ranking points. That’s when Pop-a-Tot was born – a tatter tot tossing game that provided discounts at various intervals based on how many tots were scored.


Business solutions through innovative storytelling

After GrubHub’s IPO, they secured ample funding to develop an exemplary game that matched their high standards of excellence and storytelling. It was a major success. In a matter of days, customer service call volume related to order inquiries dropped significantly, giving the departments more breathing room and reducing the need for discounts from negative experiences.

The introduction of gaming on the GrubHub platform aligned with the brand and played a vital role in their ongoing success by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Major decrease in delivery time inquires

Increased positive brand association


YOY order growth