With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, MCA Connect looked to modernize its offerings and brand to better suit its client’s needs.

I transformed their brand to reflect this evolution to an entire cloud offering, leading creative initiatives prioritizing messaging and purpose over technology.


Creative Director


2021 – Present

increase in MIcrosoft funding within first year

Branding & Strategy


To sell modernization, MCA Connect needed to modernize itself. I led a rebrand from messaging to logo, tagline, style, and organizational offerings. The logo utilized a forward momentum with four interlocking chevrons representing the company’s four primary practice areas. I introduced a wider breadth of colors, including warmer tones to connect their partnership with Microsoft.

Brand Purpose & Approach

Using creative storytelling to enhance business operations, I established MCA Connect’s brand purpose with senior leadership and board members to inspire action.  This brand approach was the keystone of the company messaging, marketing, and organizational structure.

We believe in empowering you to uncover possibilities and take action.

By our industry precision, focus, and passion for connecting people, technologies, and practices.

A customized and tailored approach using Microsoft’s cloud solution to drive business outcomes.

Connected Blueprint™

One of the largest differentiators for MCA Connect was their approach to discovering what would be best for each client. This Manufacturing Strategy solution approach was utilized through a unique, white-label process called Connected Blueprint™.


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Core Connect is a first-of-its-kind podcast in the manufacturing industry, offering in-depth conversations with industry experts.

The Next Normal of Manufacturing


An immediate impactor for MCA Connect was the creation of a whitepaper outlining their approach to modern manufacturing as well as industry insights and best practices. It gained great praise from Microsoft and clients and was a leading source of marketing for the company.

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Build Supply Chain Resiliency


The supply chain issues caused by COVID-19 were a significant disruptor for the entire manufacturing industry. It was a topical focus on how cloud technology can alleviate many pain points for clients. We created a campaign webcast with our manufacturing experts, clients, and industry leaders who provided insights into ways MCA Connect can help build supply chain resiliency. This campaign increased MCA Connect’s pipeline and, more importantly, created a reputation as a go-to company for supply chain and cloud solutions.

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