Leeway Films

After working within agencies, corporations and startups, I realized a much-needed solution to greater content quantity in a saturated market. I tapped into my passion for filmmaking and launched Leeway Films. The production company melded commercial video production with narrative filmmaking and storytelling. Within the first three years, Leeway exponentially doubled its annual revenue YOY, completing work for companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Acura, and more.


Film & Creative Director


2015 – Present



The Leeway Films logo is an adaptation of a historic butcher trade sign. It was inspired by the cast iron sign outside of my late grandfather’s traditional German butcher shop in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. It’s a constant reminder of the authenticity I hope to bring to my creative work.






Sales Enablement

Web Design

Film Production


Music Video

Take a dreamlike journey through a relationship from end to beginning in this music video collaboration featuring music by Houston-based composer and producer, David Stükenberg, starring Krista Zozulia, a Chicago-based dance artist and choreographer, produced by Leeway Films.

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Western Sol

Short Film

Darkness and light collide when a meek rancher, being bullied by outlaws, uses the cover of a solar eclipse to regain his freedom.

Filmed and broadcasted live during the 2017 solar eclipse, produced by Slackline Films.


Short Film

A man and the world around him goes in a panic when the internet just up and leaves.

Filmed in Seattle, WA and produced by Leeway Films.

Yoga For Salvador

Short Film

A prodigal sister returns to her home in the San Juan Islands, desiring to sell an original Dali, the family heirloom, to save the world she and her husband have built. But first, she must win the artwork by defeating her free-spirited sister in the way they have since they were children – a yoga battle.

Yoga for Salvador was the recipient of an Orcas Island Film Festival production grant, and was filmed in Seattle and on location in Orcas Island, Washington and produced by Wanderhouse Productions.