GrubHub’s popular “The Food You Love” campaign was an enormous success for the company launching into its IPO. Wanting to continue increasing their new customer base through engaging advertising, we created this campaign with the concept of food-as-your-friend, being there when you need it. Variations of these ads were distributed nationally in out-of-home advertising, transit ads in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, digital ads, television spots and social media posts — winning a Chicago Bronze Addy Award for Integrative Campaigns.


Creative Marketing Coordinator
Film Director
Video Editor


2010 – 2013

$2.1 Billion IPO

Due to the tremendous company success and growth, in 2013 GrubHub achieved a $2.1 billion IPO, and shortly after acquired their largest competitor, Seamless.


Bronze Addy Award

Integrative Campaign - Chicago

Bronze Addy Award

Digital Advertising - Chicago

Commercial Spots

Out-of-Home Ads


Along with “The Food You Love” campaign, in 2012 GrubHub launched a new innovative way for restaurants to receive orders. Today, it’s commonplace, but GrubHub set the trend in motion with a unique tablet hub specifically designed only for GrubHub orders.

To help boost product sales, we created this short spot introducing OrderHub. I wrote the script for and worked with a local Chicago video production company to create it. Along with the spot, I also wrote the product handbook and design copy.


Social Media Content

Before GrubHub was a publicly-traded company, I launched their social channels and ran various marketing campaigns across all media, contributing to their tremendous growth and attracting new diners and restaurants to the platform.

GrubHub’s social media campaigns were a focal point in their marketing efforts. Through multiple integrated campaigns, GrubHub was able to increase their revenue 100% year-over-year and continued to be a high-traffic brand with powerful social media engagement while acquiring several competitors like MenuPages, Campusfoods and Seamless.

YOY Engagement Increase

YOY Follower Increase

YOY Revenue Increase

In 2013, I created an April Fools’ Day campaign and concept for GrubHub. I lead the creative throughout – writing, directing and editing the video, as well as overseeing and implementing the design of the logo and accompanying KibbelHub website.

The campaign was a huge success, increasing fan engagement on social channels and attracted new diners through the KibbleHub site from “early sign ups,” where we gave each diner a $5 GrubHub gift card and donated $2 for each sign up to animal shelters.

The campaign gained recognition from AdWeek and was promoted as one of their top 25 “Best Brand Hoaxes of 2013.”


“Best Brand Hoaxes of 2013”

Content Calendar

I helped establish GrubHub’s social media presence at its inception, managed creative assets for posts and developed campaign concepts. I managed the daily content calendar while producing the creative that would be put in place, from visuals to copywriting.

Pile O’ Shirt Giveaway

In an attempt to attract new diners to the GrubHub website, increase social engagement, and create consumer advertising, we gave away t-shirts through social media channels with this campaign. GrubHub saw a huge increase in new customers that month as well as a big increase in social media engagement.


During Octoberfest in 2012, GrubHub sought an increase in social engagement and fans through the Grübtoberfeast campaign. The campaign produced one of the highest increases in social fans that year and helped double new diner onboarding and total orders placed.