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Barrovian Books Ltd.

Handcrafted, handmade-paper bound hardcover books to unleash ideas, dreams, innovations, and imaginative power. As Booksmith and owner, I craft the books and created the branding, website, and content.

This modern manufacturing consultancy required a fresh approach to its brand story and identity. I revamped the brand style, encompassing everything from the logo to messaging, as well as designing a sleek and efficient website that effectively communicated the company’s commitment to modernization.

Through strategic organization and refinement of Rise Buildings’ solution offerings, I created a compelling brand message and purpose, fueling the rapid growth of this real estate technology startup to its remarkable acquisition of $100 million by VTS.

By challenging traditional perceptions of construction and design, I spearheaded the storytelling of Skender’s brand identity, shaping it through video production, graphics, and more; enabling them to materialize their vision of delivering exceptional building experiences while establishing Skender as a premier brand in the industry.


Bessie’s Best is a small, women-owned company based out of the greater Philadelphia area launched by a woman who created a nutrient-rich cookie to help struggling mothers produce enough milk to breastfeed.

After making a name for themselves in the mid-Atlantic region, Pavone Marketing Group created a specific agency dedicated solely to their food and beverage clients — working with clients like Starkist, Yuengling, Turkey Hill, and more.

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